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Arjan De Kock

Hometown: Hex Valley, South Africa

Lani Tripoli

Lani has been climbing for 17 years. She started climbing at a small gym in Provo, Utah called The Rock Garden. She spent several years exclusively climbing inside as a teenager. After taking a pretty sizeable fall off a cliff at a young age, her parents were not too keen on sending her outside again. She used climbing as a way to get over her fear, and after a period of time of climbing and working at the Rock Garden, the people she worked for called her parents, told them how well she was performing, and asked to take her outside to climb. After that, she fell in love with the granite of Little Cottonwood Canyon and climbed her way through college. Now, she works as a full time computer programmer and has a daughter, Lyra, who is 5 years old with her very supportive partner Bryon Tripoli.

Keenan Takahashi

Age: 26
Hometown: Davis, CA
Keenan started climbing at the Rocknasium in Davis, CA in 2008. After his first trips to Bishop and Yosemite, he found a new creative passion in outdoor climbing. Keenan works seasonally for the National Park Service in Yosemite, finding and developing new boulders in the Valley and attempting sport climbs.

Giovanni Traversi

Age: 27
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Giovanni began as a boulderer but when his older brother started competing in the USAC Sport climbing series, Giovanni became intrigued with ropes. There was one slight difficulty. “Except I realized very quickly my fear of heights was not going to be an easy hurdle to jump over. Nonetheless, I had to overcome it,” said Giovanni.

Dru Mack

Age: 23
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Dru grew up in the climbing paradise of the Red River Gorge, he hustled through the hot summers and eventually found his way to red-pointing some of the hardest climbs in the Red, notably his send of Southern Smoke 5.14c. Dru hopes to connect with and inspire the communities he visits through his work ethic and easy going personality.

Lizzy Ellison

Hannah Tolson

Hannah has been an active member of USA Climbing for the last several years. After competing in the USAC Youth Circuit for 6 years and qualifying for the National Team 4 times, Hannah focused her interests on growing collegiate climbing. As a student at Gonzaga University, Hannah built a climbing program at her university and won the Sport Climbing Title at the Collegiate Climbing National Championship in it's opening year. This year, after qualifying for the US Team in all three climbing disciplines (3rd-speed, 3rd-bouldering, 5th- sport) Hannah competed at the 2018 University World Championship where she placed 8th in Bouldering. Hannah was also the recipient of the 2018 Collegiate Climbing Ambassador Award, and hopes to lead an initiative to build a climbing gym on her campus in the coming years. In spite of having success in the Open Climbing Circuit (9th in 2018 Sport Open Nationals) Hannah's interests lie in pioneering collegiate climbing and making it accessible to all university students. View My Website

Delaney Miller

Delaney is an American professional rock climber known for her graceful style.[2] Although she is primarily a sport climber, in 2013 she took second to Sasha DiGiulian in The Heist, a bouldering competition by and for women.[3] She placed second in the 2013 Psicocomp to DiGiulian, and placed second again in 2014 to Claire Buhrfeind. In April 2014, she beat out DiGiulian and Buhrfeind to become the Sports Climbing Series National Champion

Melise Edwards

Hometown: Boone, NC
Melise Edwards-Welbourn is a Pacific Northwest based climber and biologist. Trained in animal behavior and behavior ecology, she's now on a new track studying the brain at a cellular level. Yep -- thats right, brain science. We caught up with her to hear the latest in her daily hustle and find out whats inspiring her.  View My Website

Facundo Langbehn

Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Facundo Langbehn became the first Chilean climber to tick the V15 grade with his recent send of The Nest in Red Rocks, Nevada. It was the fifth ascent of the route which was first climbed by Daniel Woods in 2013 and repeated by Jimmy Webb, Paul Robinson and Nalle Hukkataival. Langbehn is only the second South American after Felipe Camargo to climb V15. Langbehn was 23 years old at the time of his send and from Santiago, Chile. He’s been climbing since he was four and has been focusing on bouldering for the past few years. He did his first V13 in 2012 and soon saw a video of Woods climbing The Nest and wanted to try it. He first tried it in 2016 but conditions were not right but he returned in late 2017 and climbed it on the third day of his trip. He also climbed Meadowlark Lemon Sit V14 and Reflecting Pool V13 in Red Rocks on the same trip. View My Website

Felipe Camargo

Hometown: Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo
Aged 10, Felipe Camargo – or Pikuira, as he is known to his nearest and dearest – climbed his first wall, for fun, in a club in the city of São José do Rio Preto. From that day he was hooked and has been climbing ever since. As a young teenager, Felipe Camargo knew how he wanted to live his adult life: as a professional climbing athlete. In 2006, he won the Brazilian Climbing Championship in the professional category for adults, the first of many titles. From there, his career took off and he has enjoyed many successes, including five Brazilian titles and one South American in the Boulder category. More recently, in the second half of 2016, he achieved an unprecedented feat on national territory: he and his climbing mate, the American Sasha Digiulian, mastered the 650m track from Pedra Riscada, one of the largest rocky walls in the Americas, in Minas Gerais. Some stretches of the site reach the impressive 8+ mark, making them the first climbers to complete this route in one – and without suffering a single fall, something previously unheard of in the Riscada Stone. View My Website

Nina Williams

Age: 26
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Williams is one of the strongest female boulderers of this generation, according to Gripped Magazine. In 2015, she completed her first V13 (8B) in Rocklands, South Africa on the Ray of Lightproblem. This was the first female ascent of this route. Williams is especially noted for her accomplishments in highball bouldering, in which the climber attempts a very tall boulder problem without rope protection, combining the physicality of bouldering with the mental discipline of free soloing. In 2017, Williams successfully completed the first female ascent of the Ambrosia route in the Buttermilks of Bishop, California. The V11 route tops out at 50 feet, so tall that the lack of ropes creates a formidable mental challenge for the climber. It has been conquered by only a handful of climbers, and her ascent was heralded as "one of the hardest free solos ever done by a woman" by Climbing magazine. Williams has also completed two other difficult routes on the same boulder, Evilution Direct (V11) and Footprints (V9) to complete the "Grandpa Peabody Trifecta", the first woman ever to do so. In February 2018, she became the first woman, and only the third person ever at the time, to send Window Shopper (V12) in Boulder, Colorado.[8] View My Website

Emily Harrington

Birthday: 08/17/1986
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Emily has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager.  Her early years were defined by her successes on the USA Climbing Team on the National and world competition circuit. She is a five-time National Champion, a two-time North American Champion, and has placed podium in World Cups. However, her true passion lies with outdoor climbing and exploring the mountains. She has reached the most elite levels in the gymnastic and physical discipline of sport climbing, free climbing 2500 foot big walls in remote corners of the world, winning ice climbing competitions, and summiting the world’s tallest peaks in the Himalaya (including Mount Everest in 2012). She currently resides in Squaw Valley, California; where she trains for climbing and has fallen in love with skiing, her second passion. View My Website

Jimmy Webb

Birthday: 07/11/1987
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Sponsors: Hippy Tree, Five Ten, Jimmy Webb is a professional rock climber specializing in bouldering. He is one of a handful of climbers who have climbed the boulder grade V15 (8C). Webb was the men's winner of the 2013 Psicobloc Masters Series held in Park City, UT.  In spring 2014, Webb climbed The Understanding and Practice of the Wild, both V15, within a week of each other. In November 2014, he repeated Defying Gravity which was originally climbed by Daniel Woods a year before. Webb has climbed the boulder the first time trying, or flashed, six V13 or harder boulder problems. Dead Point Magazine says "it’s not a stretch to consider Jimmy the world’s best flash boulderer." View My Website

Carlo Traversi

Birthday: 06/05/1988
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Carlo Traversi began rock climbing in 2002 at the age of 14. The local gym, Vertex Climbing Center, became his second home in a matter of months, and the supportive community of local climbers inspired him to perfect his abilities both on plastic and rock. Frequent trips to Bishop, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe during his teenage years also played a huge role in sculpting the climber that he is today. Upon turning 18, Carlo ventured east to Boulder, Colorado, where he established roots within the highly motivated local community. During his years in Colorado he continued to progress as a climber, culminating with a Spring 2011 ascent of The Game, V15, considered to be one of the hardest boulder problems in the world. In the years following his time in Boulder, Carlo has lived and climbed in some of the far reaches of the world and has amassed an impressive tick list of first ascents, significant repeats, and successful competition results. V15 and 5.14 First Ascents as well as hard and scary traditional climbs are just the beginning for this climber with a long career ahead. Today, Carlo spends as much time as possible traveling and experiencing the world, pushing himself in all disciplines of climbing, producing films, shooting photos and teaching clinics. View My Website

Matty Hong

Birthday: 09/14/1991
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Born to climber parents, Matty Hong was hanging out at the crag before he could even talk. So it comes as no surprise that he has grown up to become a supernaturally talented climber. While he has some impressive competition results under his belt, outdoor rock is where his heart lies, and Matty has ticked some of the toughest routes around. His resume lists some impressive sends, including Papichulo and La Rambla (both 5.15a) and a handful of 5.14d’s, as well as a grip of V14 boulder problems. And with a background in film production, the guy can wield a camera. Not a bad skill to have when you’re traveling around the world to beautiful crags all over the place. View My Website