2017 Athletes

Eric Sentha

Age: 25
Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Eric Sentha hails from Canada and is a top competitive climber.  Eric is the winner of the 2015 and 2016 Chewpod Extreme Bloc, a deep water solo competition in Quebec.  This is Eric’s first time competing at the Psicobloc Masters.

Allison Vest

Allison Vest– originally from Canada, has topped the women’s category in the first climbing competition at Elevation Place, the Rockies Rampage.  She also took home the silver medal in the Canadian open bouldering competition.

Barbara (“Babsi”) Zangerl

Birthday: 05/24/1988
Hometown: Bludenz, Austria

Barbara (“Babsi”) Zangerl is from Austria and has consistently been one of the top competitive climbers in the world.  She became the first female to boulder the 8b grade in 2008.

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Heather Weidner

Birthday: 04/23/1980
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Heather Weidner recently made history with her free ascent of China Doll (5.14a) in Dream Canyon, Colorado, and became the fourth woman in history to climb 5.14 on gear.

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Michaela Keirsh

Birthday: 12/13/1994
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Michaela Keirsh is a 22-year old full time student, youth climbing coach, and now the first woman to send The Golden Ticket in Red River Gorge (a 5.14c).  She is the winner of the 2016 Psicobloc Masters.

Charlotte Durif

Hometown: Bourgogne, France

Angie Payne

Birthday: 11/06/1984
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
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Angie began climbing indoors at the age of eleven. Angie spent the next five years participating in junior sport climbing competitions before becoming focused on bouldering. Upon moving to Boulder in 2003 to attend the University of Colorado, Angie employed her plastic pulling skills to win three ABS National Championships and two PCA competitions in the 2003-2004 season. Over the next six years, more than ten top three finishes were added to Angie’s competitive bouldering resume. Her success isn’t just limited to the indoor realm — Angie has numerous notable outdoor ascents under her belt. Between 2004 and 2010, Angie completed first female ascents of 17 boulder problems V10-V12. In 2010, Angie completed The Automator and became the first woman in the world to climb a confirmed V13. These accomplishments earned Angie two Climbing Magazine Golden Piton honorable mentions and the 2007 Everest Award in Women’s Bouldering. Angie currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, where she works as a veterinary assistant.

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Kyra Condie

Birthday: 06/05/1996
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
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Nina Williams

Age: 26
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
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Alex Johnson

Birthday: 04/03/1989
Hometown: Hudson, WI

Alex has been climbing since 1997, and competing since 1999. Growing up in the competition scene, Alex has consistently been a member of the US Team since 2001, winning her her first Youth Climbing National Championship at age twelve (2002), Adult National Championship at age thirteen (2003), and won a silver medal at the Youth World Championships in Scotland at age fourteen (2004). In 2008 Alex made history by becoming the first American to win a Bouldering World Cup on US soil, at the GoPro Mountain Games. In 2010 she made history again, winning gold in Switzerland, becoming only the second American woman to win a Bouldering World Cup overseas. Since then she’s shifted her focus away from competitions and honed in on outdoor projects, building an impressive tick-list and was the first woman to climb the difficulty grade of V12 in Colorado.Along with being an ambitious climber, Alex is also an active member of the community, teaching clinics around the country and giving presentations at gyms, Universities, sales meetings, and other events.

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Jacinda (JC) Hunter

Birthday: 06/02/1978
Hometown: American Fork Canyon, UT
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Jimmy Webb

Birthday: 11/07/1987
Hometown: Maryville, TN
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Joe Kinder

Hometown: Bedford, New Hampshire

Joe Kinder the “Kind Kid” has been a driving force in establishing some of the hardest sport climbs in the country. Joe recently established Bone Tomahawk 5.14d/15a, his hardest FA to date.    

Pete Lowe

Hometown: Ogden, UT

Pete Lowe is a father of three and originally from Ogden, Utah. He was one of the major developers of hard bouldering in Red Rocks and has established 14C routes and V14 boulder problems.

Chris Sharma

Birthday: 04/23/1981
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
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Carlo Traversi

Birthday: 06/05/1988
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
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Nathaniel Coleman

Age: 19
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Daniel Woods

Birthday: 08/01/1989
Hometown: Richardson, TX
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Matty Hong

Birthday: 09/14/1991
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
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Josh Larson

Age: 30
Hometown: Worcester, MA

Josh Larson is an American climber who is as comfortable on the competition circuit as he is scouting out beautiful new lines in the wilderness. Born in 1985 and growing up in rural Massachusetts, he now bases himself out of Boston and devotes his life to the sport he loves.

Josh’s journey into climbing began at age 14 during a visit to his uncle at Jackson Hole, Wyoming: “The resort had an outside wall. When I climbed the hardest route, they gave me a harness and said, ‘Go back to Boston, find a gym and a cliff and enjoy life.’ ”

In 2012 Josh won his first big comp, placing first in the UBS Pro Tour Championship in Seattle. He has gone on to climb at American Nationals and on the global stage in World Cups. Josh is also highly regarded in the route setting world, setting for the prestigious Dark Horse Series.

Josh’s best year to date has been 2015, with the consistent training and experience he’s been building over the last five years combining to great effect out on the rock. A two-week trip to Bishop saw Josh break into V13, climbing The Buttermilker [NewEnglandbouldering.com interview]. This was topped a few days later with an ascent of the formidable Spectre (V13/14) which Josh describes as “an all-time dream problem of mine.”The effort Josh was putting in at the gym also translated to outdoor success. Sending Parallel Universe, a wildly overhanging 5.14a in Rumney, was a benchmark for him in terms of seeing the benefits of training: “I got on this when I started climbing again and got crushed – that motivated me and pushed me to be stronger both mentally and physically.” 2013 saw Josh road tripping to the likes of Bishop where he made quick work of Kill on Sight (V12), and Hueco Tanks where he flashedLiane (V11) and sent Loaded Direct (V12). Josh also visited Europe during that year, climbing in Macedonia and the spectacular towers of Meteora, Greece.

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Matt Fultz

Birthday: 05/13/1991
Hometown: Nampa, ID
Sponsors: Madrock,

Matt Fultz hails from Boise, ID, but is now living in Salt Lake City. He has climbed in five continents, and his favorite climb currently is either Joe’s Valley or Rocklands in South Africa.

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Delaney Miller

Birthday: 04/06/1995
Hometown: Frisco, TX
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Alex Puccio

Birthday: 06/15/1989

Alex Puccio from McKinney, Texas, is a professional climber specializing in bouldering. She competes in climbing competitions and splits her time between climbing outdoor and indoor. She is known for being one of the strongest female climbers of all times. She regularly participates in United States national championships and the IFSC world cups. She finished 3rd overall in the World Cup bouldering competition in 2011 and has won the American Bouldering Series ten times.

Paul Robinson

Birthday: 08/28/1987

Growing up in New Jersey, it became quite apparent that becoming a professional rock climber was going to be quite difficult for Paul. However, he never gave up on his aspirations and with the help of family and friends he has gotten to the place where he is today. Paul began rock climbing at a small climbing gym in Southern New Jersey called Vertical Reality. In the beginning, Paul was merely the scrawny little boy who came into the gym with his father on a daily basis having the time of his life climbing on plastic holds on a twenty foot top rope wall. As time went on, he began competing in indoor rope climbing competitions. Paul did this circuit for about three years and never felt truly successful. Feeling discouraged, he moved on from rope climbing to the newest form of indoor climbing at the time and what would soon become the most popular, bouldering.

As he began growing up, Paul finally felt as if he had found his place in the climbing world and that was through bouldering. He began to travel the world in search of all the most amazing climbs to be done as well as competing in national and international competitions. As senior year of high school came and went it was only obvious that the next step was college and where other than the climbing capital of the country, Boulder, Colorado.

Since then, Paul has graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Bachelors in Studio Arts and Art History. He has continued to travel the world in search of the best untouched rock and is currently stationed back in Boulder, Colorado. When Paul is not climbing , you will find him surfing (if there is even a hint of a wave anywhere, he finds it and surfs it), skateboarding, or working on his newest video project.

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