2016 Athletes

Lily Canavan

Lily is 18 years old and has been climbing since she was 10. She is  from Newton, Massachusetts (right outside of Boston) and discovered climbing at a tiny wall in the back of a gymnastics gym and fell in love with it. She has been doing youth competitions for team MetroRock for a long time, but is excited to start attending University of Vermont in Burlington in September and become a coach for team MetroRock! Lily made the youth U.S. National team three times and placed second at 2014 PanAms for Bouldering. She is the 2016 Dark Horse Series finals champion, 2015-16 Iron Maiden champion, and the 2016 Tour de Bloc finals champion. Lily loves climbing and can’t wait for Psicobloc next year!!

Josh Muller

My name us Josh Muller. I started climbing when I was 5 years old with my dad and older brother. After a handful of years climbing with my family I found myself focusing on competitions where I competed for Canada on the World Cup level a handful of times. Competitions kept me busy into my early adulthood where I began bouldering and sport climbing. I have since become one of the most decorated rock climbers in Canada with multiple 14+s and V14’s under my belt. My newest challenge is that I am opening a bouldering gym in Calgary, Ab, This is a huge step for me and I am very excited for the future!

Josh Levin

Hometown: Sunnyvale, California

Josh Levin is a professional rock climber and American Ninja Warrior athlete from Sunnyvale, California. Recognized as one of USA Climbing’s most decorated youth competitors, Josh spent his early climbing career accumulating 19 National Championship titles, 5 Continental Championships, multiple US speed climbing records, and the bronze medal at the 2008 Youth World Championships. The Northern California native quickly moved up the ranks into the pro circuit with wins in bouldering, sport climbing, and speed climbing competitions, establishing himself as one of the most well-rounded competitors in the sport. With nearly two decades of climbing experience, Josh has also ticked off V12 and 5.14c outdoors and is always looking to expand his climbing into new styles and terrains.

Jules Jimreivat

Jules is a 21 year old student at Westminster College, a small liberal arts college in Salt Lake City, UT. She is currently finishing her last year in college with a degree in Biology and a double minor in Chemistry and Outdoor Leadership.
Jules began climbing at the age of 7 at Earth Treks Climbing Centers in Maryland. She quickly joined the youth team there, and began competing with USA Climbing in the youth series. Jules has qualified for the National Championships in all three disciplines.
Through the 14 years of climbing she has under her belt, Jules has discovered the strong community of climbers, as well their ethical and social awareness. This strong feeling of inclusion, as well as responsibility for climbing areas is what she spreads to her local climbing community. As the president of the climbing club at her school, she educates young new climbers and works as a leader to put on college fundraisers for local non-profits such as Salt Lake Climber’s Alliance.

Dru Mack

Birthday: 01/10/1994
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Dru Mack started climbing 10 years ago in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. After starting climbing in a small gym, he quickly began visiting the Red River Gorge whenever he was given the opportunity. Dru’s passion for climbing is obvious to anyone he has climbed with or been at the crag with. His enthusiasm and psych are contagious and make most people’s cragging experience even better.  Dru is continually inspired by the people in the climbing community and hopes through his work ethic and easygoing personality he can inspire others to push themselves in climbing and in everyday life. One of Dru’s biggest climbing accomplishments was sending his long term project ‘Southern Smoke’ 5.14c in the Red River Gorge. In the future, he plans to travel the world pushing his limits in climbing as well as experiencing new cultures.

Meagan Martin

Birthday: 09/05/1989
Hometown: Lake Mary, FL

Meagan Martin is a professional climber and former NCAA Division 1 pole vaulter at Vanderbilt University. Following about an 8 year hiatus from climbing, she returned to the scene in September of 2012 with the SBC Pro in Seattle being her first competition back, where she placed 5th amongst the countries best. Meagan consistently places in the top 5 at competitions, and has climbed multiple V10s and V11s outside. “I hope that my involvement in climbing will help the sport grow, because it’s such an amazing sport that more people should enjoy.” Meagan has also been fine tuning her ninja skills, becoming the third women ever to complete a qualifying course in the ANW 6 in Denver – the first as a rookie.

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Angie Payne

Birthday: 11/06/1984
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Sponsors: Mountain Hardwear,

Angie began climbing indoors at the age of eleven. Angie spent the next five years participating in junior sport climbing competitions before becoming focused on bouldering. Upon moving to Boulder in 2003 to attend the University of Colorado, Angie employed her plastic pulling skills to win three ABS National Championships and two PCA competitions in the 2003-2004 season. Over the next six years, more than ten top three finishes were added to Angie’s competitive bouldering resume. Her success isn’t just limited to the indoor realm — Angie has numerous notable outdoor ascents under her belt. Between 2004 and 2010, Angie completed first female ascents of 17 boulder problems V10-V12. In 2010, Angie completed The Automator and became the first woman in the world to climb a confirmed V13. These accomplishments earned Angie two Climbing Magazine Golden Piton honorable mentions and the 2007 Everest Award in Women’s Bouldering. Angie currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, where she works as a veterinary assistant.

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Kyra Condie

Birthday: 06/05/1996
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Sponsors: Five Ten,

Kyra Condie is a student at the University of Minnesota. She have been climbing for over 8 years and is the reigning bouldering youth national champion, speed climbing Pan-American champion, sport climbing youth national champion. All aspects of climbing are extremely important to her and she loves training for them all; bouldering, sport, and speed! She is really excited to compete in a discipline that combines all three!

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Nina Williams

Age: 26
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Nina began climbing in New Hampshire in 2002 and later joined a team in Rhode Island. She balanced school, training, and competing with outdoor climbing all around New England before moving to Colorado in 2010.

She has spent the past four years competing and getting outdoors as much as possible, spending extended amounts of time in areas such as Hueco Tanks, Joe’s Valley, South Africa, Australia, and Switzerland. She has climbed 5.13 and multiple V12’s, 11’s, and 10’s.When she’s not climbing, Nina coaches Team ABC in the athletically driven town of Boulder, CO.

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Emily Harrington

Birthday: 08/17/1986
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Emily has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager.  Her early years were defined by her successes on the USA Climbing Team on the National and world competition circuit. She is a five-time National Champion, a two-time North American Champion, and has placed podium in World Cups. However, her true passion lies with outdoor climbing and exploring the mountains. She has reached the most elite levels in the gymnastic and physical discipline of sport climbing, free climbing 2500 foot big walls in remote corners of the world, winning ice climbing competitions, and summiting the world’s tallest peaks in the Himalaya (including Mount Everest in 2012). She currently resides in Squaw Valley, California; where she trains for climbing and has fallen in love with skiing, her second passion.

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Paige Claassen

Age: 26
Birthday: 06/13/1990
Hometown: Estes Park, CO

Claassen began climbing at the age of nine in her hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, when her parents took her to a climbing gym. Quickly after discovering her affinity for the sport, Claassen began serious training and packed her travel schedule with national and international climbing competitions. After a decade of competing, Claassen decided to expand her climbing pursuits and at the age of 19 she climbed throughout the country, making the first female ascents of Grand Ole Opry (5.14b/c) at the Monastery, Colorado and Motley Crux (5.14a) in Deep Creek, Washington. Now 23, Claassen kicked off 2015 by finishing the first of her four main goals for the year: redpointing a trad route called Triple Jeopardy (5.13c) on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Sidney Trinidad

Age: 17

Sidney is 17 years old and has been competitively climbing for 9 years starting in 2008. She has made the Youth National Event in all 3 disciplines every year for a total of 27 times. Out of those 27 events, she has made the Youth U.S. Team (top 4 in each category) 20 times and has been a Youth National Champion 10 times (2 Boulder, 4 Sport and 4 Speed). At the Youth National Level since 2007, Sidney is the most decorated female climber in the nation. She also has made the Adult U.S. Team 3 times (1 Sport and 2 Speed) and was the Speed National Champion in 2015. Sidney placed 2 nd in Speed at the Youth Worlds event in 2014.

Michaela Kiersch

Michaela is from Chicago and began climbing there 11 years ago. She will attend school there in the fall and plans to make frequent trips to the Red River Gorge where she has spent many weekends sport climbing and has sent up to 5.14a (8b+). While she loves climbing outside, she also loves competition climbing for the pressure and excitement it has to offer. Over the past year, she has traveled around the world to climb. Her favorite part of the sport is the ultimate challenge that it provides, there will always be something harder.

Alex Johnson

Birthday: 04/03/1989
Hometown: Hudson, WI

Alex has been climbing since 1997, and competing since 1999. Growing up in the competition scene, Alex has consistently been a member of the US Team since 2001, winning her her first Youth Climbing National Championship at age twelve (2002), Adult National Championship at age thirteen (2003), and won a silver medal at the Youth World Championships in Scotland at age fourteen (2004). In 2008 Alex made history by becoming the first American to win a Bouldering World Cup on US soil, at the GoPro Mountain Games. In 2010 she made history again, winning gold in Switzerland, becoming only the second American woman to win a Bouldering World Cup overseas. Since then she’s shifted her focus away from competitions and honed in on outdoor projects, building an impressive tick-list and was the first woman to climb the difficulty grade of V12 in Colorado.Along with being an ambitious climber, Alex is also an active member of the community, teaching clinics around the country and giving presentations at gyms, Universities, sales meetings, and other events.

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Jacinda (JC) Hunter

Birthday: 06/02/1978
Hometown: American Fork Canyon, UT

Jacinda Hunter, a nurse and mother of four (two boys and two girls), juggles work and parenthood with bouldering V11 and redpointing 14b. She says, “usually when I make up my mind to do something, I get it done.” Jacinda feels her biggest challenge is being a good parent and good example for her kids. “It’s hard to find time to provide opportunities for their interests and growth, and still have time to indulge in my own passions like climbing.” Jacinda and her husband, Mike, don’t have a TV – instead, the whole family goes on climbing trips together. Breaking the Law, her hardest route, was a “long, cold winter project with the family.” Her latest First Ascent “Fantasy Island” (5.14b) is in American Fork Canyon, Utah.

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Andrea Szekely

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Andrea started climbing in her hometown of Budapest, Hungary with her brother in a largely undeveloped climbing scene. After her family moved to the US, she discovered climbing competitions and climbing outside. A recent graduate of Stanford University, she moved to Boulder, CO to live near the mountains (and to climb outside almost year round! ) Currently working at Verve, a company that has been making clothing for climbers for the past 25 years in Boulder, CO.

Natalie Bärtschi

Age: 22
Hometown: Zürich, Switzerland

Natalie is a 22 year old chiropractic student at the University of Zürich. She started climbing outdoors at a young age and has regularly attended competitions since she was 11 years old. She’s made semi finals in the Bouldering World Cups and has been among the top female competitors in Switzerland for the last few years. Switzerland  offers plenty of great rock, so she spends every weekend possible outside, her favorite place being Brione in Ticino. Whenever she gets time off school she loves to travel and climbing somewhat became her way of exploring the world. Outdoors she has sent problems up to V10 and although her main aim is bouldering, she also likes to sport climb from time to time, where she’s climbed routes up to 5.13b.

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Jimmy Webb

Birthday: 11/07/1987
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Sponsors: Hippy Tree, Five Ten,

Jimmy Webb has been climbing for about 9 years. Currently, he lives in Chattanooga, TN where he is a route setter at his local climbing gym TBA (Tennessee Bouldering Authority). Most of the year, you’ll find him in Chattanooga, but he does try to travel as much as he can. Seeing new places, new cultures, and meeting new people are what he believes makes him a better climber and a better person all-around. He also spends his time searching the mysterious rolling hills of Tennessee for new places to climb. As Jimmy says, “Those days when you walk around the bend and there sits the perfect line just waiting to be climbed. that’s what I live for.”

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Chris Sharma

Birthday: 04/23/1981
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Sponsors: Walltopia,

Rock climbing has been Chris’ life since his first exposure to the sport when he was 12 at the Pacific Edge climbing gym. Over the last 20 years, Chris has continually pushed world standards. He became the first climber ever to complete 5.15a after the first ascent of Realization. Since then he has also redpointed 5.15b as well as 5.15c. Chris has been one of the most prolific deep water soloists including his 2006 ascent of Es Pontas (9b) in Mallorca, Spain. He is widely viewed as the best climber in the world.

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Ethan Pringle

Birthday: 05/30/1986
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Sponsors: Five Ten, Mountain Hardwear,

Born and raised in the Mission district of San Francisco, Ethan Pringle has been climbing since he was 8 years old and began competing at age 12. Ethan was undefeated junior national and international champion four years in a row (1998 -2001). Since then he has been on the U.S. climbing team every year, placing top three in almost every comp he’s entered. He red-pointed his first 5.13 at age twelve, and his first 5.14 at age thirteen. In 2004, Ethan accomplished the first ascent of the landmark Red Rocks boulder problem, Clockwork Orange (V12), and the third ascent of The Wheel of Life, the 60-foot plus V15 in the Grampians, Australia. In most recent news, Ethan completed the second ascent of Jumbo Love, 5.15b, in May of 2015. Ethan explains, “My goals are to keep raising the bar for hard climbing, podium at a world cup, become a better surfer, live a eco-friendly life, go to college, cherish my family, friends, and animals, keep traveling, and enjoy new experiences”

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Carlo Traversi

Birthday: 06/05/1988
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Hailing from Santa Rosa, California; Carlo Traversi began rock climbing at the age of 14. The local gym, Vertex Climbing Center, became his second home in a matter of months and the supportive community of local climbers inspired him to perfect his abilities both on plastic and rock. Frequent trips to Bishop, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe during his teenage years also played a huge role in sculpting the climber that he is today. Upon turning 18, Carlo ventured east to Boulder, Colorado where he established roots at the Spot Bouldering Gym, where he worked as the Head Route Setter, and within the highly motivated local community. Within the last five years, he has managed continued progress a climber, culminating with a spring 2011 ascent of The Game V15, considered to be one of the hardest boulder problems in the world. Today, Carlo spends as much time possible traveling and experiencing the world, climbing the hardest boulders, producing media, and teaching clinics for Professional Climbers International.

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Nathaniel Coleman

Age: 19
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Nathaniel Coleman is a 19 year old college student based in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015, he won two silver medals during the IFSC Bouldering World Cup circuit and placed fourth in the overall ranking. In addition to being a professional climber, Nathaniel is also simultaneously pursuing furthering his education as a full time student.
Between school and training, his schedule is hectic, and Nathaniel’s drive and passion for learning and climbing helps him keep the balance between the two.

In the years to come Nathaniel hopes to continue to progress as a climber in global competitions, push the limits outdoors and inspire the current and next generation to find their own drive to accomplish everything they want from life.

Ben Tresco

Birthday: 07/04/1996
Hometown: Sandy, UT

Ben Isaac Tresco began climbing at age 11, first introduced on a small wall at a local fitness center. Ben joined the Momentum Climbing Team soon after, where he was acquainted with the world of competition climbing and quickly fell in love with the sport. Since then, Ben has continued to train in Momentum and other Salt Lake City area gyms to become a two time finalist at the IFSC Youth World Championships, as well as earn National podium finishes and 5 US Team invitations. Ben is currently studying Biomedical Engineering on the Pre-Med track at the University of Utah, and hopes to compete on the Lead Climbing world cup circuit between his studies in the coming year. Although he has aged out of youth competition, Ben has returned to Momentum Climbing Team as a coach in hopes of passing on his passion for climbing to the next generation.

Daniel Woods

Birthday: 08/01/1989
Hometown: Richardson, TX

Daniel Woods started climbing when he was 5 years old at a place called Mineral Wells State Park near Dallas, Texas. Since then, climbing has taken Daniel around the world. Daniel has won many bouldering competitions including the ABS national championships a whopping nine times and the International Bouldering World in Vail in 2010. He is best known for bouldering a numerous amount of climbs at the difficulty of V13 to V15, including Jade and In Search of Time Loss, 2 8c’s by the age of 18. Not only has he pushed the limits in bouldering, he has also excelled in sport climbing by taking down classic routes like Necessary Evil, the first 8c+ in America. Daniel still has a bright future ahead of him for rock climbing.

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Matty Hong

Birthday: 09/14/1991
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Matty Hong is a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has been climbing as long as he can remember with the encouragement of his parents Steve Hong and Karin Budding. Growing up as a climber, he developed a passion for the outdoors and the adventures climbing brings. Matty has sent countless V14s including Minds to Motion and Esperanza.

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Josh Larson

Age: 30
Hometown: Worcester, MA

Josh Larson is an American climber who is as comfortable on the competition circuit as he is scouting out beautiful new lines in the wilderness. Born in 1985 and growing up in rural Massachusetts, he now bases himself out of Boston and devotes his life to the sport he loves.

Josh’s journey into climbing began at age 14 during a visit to his uncle at Jackson Hole, Wyoming: “The resort had an outside wall. When I climbed the hardest route, they gave me a harness and said, ‘Go back to Boston, find a gym and a cliff and enjoy life.’ ”

In 2012 Josh won his first big comp, placing first in the UBS Pro Tour Championship in Seattle. He has gone on to climb at American Nationals and on the global stage in World Cups. Josh is also highly regarded in the route setting world, setting for the prestigious Dark Horse Series.

Josh’s best year to date has been 2015, with the consistent training and experience he’s been building over the last five years combining to great effect out on the rock. A two-week trip to Bishop saw Josh break into V13, climbing The Buttermilker [NewEnglandbouldering.com interview]. This was topped a few days later with an ascent of the formidable Spectre (V13/14) which Josh describes as “an all-time dream problem of mine.”The effort Josh was putting in at the gym also translated to outdoor success. Sending Parallel Universe, a wildly overhanging 5.14a in Rumney, was a benchmark for him in terms of seeing the benefits of training: “I got on this when I started climbing again and got crushed – that motivated me and pushed me to be stronger both mentally and physically.” 2013 saw Josh road tripping to the likes of Bishop where he made quick work of Kill on Sight (V12), and Hueco Tanks where he flashedLiane (V11) and sent Loaded Direct (V12). Josh also visited Europe during that year, climbing in Macedonia and the spectacular towers of Meteora, Greece.

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Jason Holowach

Hometown: Canada

Jason Holowach is the owner of Grip It, a climbing gym in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He started climbing when he was nine and his first competition was six months later. His parents sent him on the road with three others to Kelowna where he placed third.

He’s competed and won a few youth national championships and titles along with one open national Bouldering championship. He took third at Nationals this year (fourth overall, but American Josh Larson finished in second). He attended three youth world competitions and placed fourth at one.

In the last two years, he’s competed at the IFSC World cup bouldering circuit and world Championships where he placed 45th overall in the circuit and 19th at the world championships.

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Matt Fultz

Birthday: 05/13/1991
Hometown: Nampa, ID
Sponsors: Madrock,

Although Matt is quickly becoming known for his remarkable ticklist (including multiple V14 and 5.14 ascents), his love of climbing and contribution to community is what makes him who he is. Matt Fultz started climbing in Boise, ID in the summer of 2003. That same summer, he went on to win USA Climbing’s youth national competition, and has won several national titles since (including one in Cuba!). Although Matt has enjoyed playing football and running track in high school and college, his greatest passion has always been with climbing. Matt takes pride in being from Idaho, and has been involved in countless community events for the betterment of Boise area climbing. Having moved to Salt Lake City a few months ago, Matt has already ticked nearly all the hardest climbs in the area. Outside of climbing, Matt coaches the youth competitive team at The Front Climbing Gym, and is also completing a novel.

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Remo Sommer

Age: 29
Birthday: 12/09/1986
Hometown: Zürich, Switzerland
Sponsors: Five Ten,

Remo has been climbing for as long as he can remember. Growing up close to Magic Wood, he climbed outside a lot when he was younger and he still makes it out whenever his job allows him to. He’s been working full-time as an engineer ever since he finished his studies and stopped competing in the World Cup circuit in 2013. There he regularly made it to semi finals in both Lead and Bouldering, his best result being a 12th place at the World Championships 2011 and a 9th place at the European Championships 2013 (both Bouldering). These days he’s more psyched on climbing outside and besides enjoying all the great rock in Switzerland, he also likes to take climbing trips all over the world. One of his last trips took him to South Africa where he climbed several hard problems, including SkyEl Corazon and the third ascent of Airstar (all V13).

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