Athlete invites have been sent out! If you did not receive an invite and would like to participate, please email Mari Riser for more details.

Melise Edwards

Jacopo Larcher

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Soho Langbehn

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Facundo Langbehn

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Felipe Camargo

Hometown: Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo
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Emily Harrington

Birthday: 08/17/1986
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Emily has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager.  Her early years were defined by her successes on the USA Climbing Team on the National and world competition circuit. She is a five-time National Champion, a two-time North American Champion, and has placed podium in World Cups. However, her true passion lies with outdoor climbing and exploring the mountains. She has reached the most elite levels in the gymnastic and physical discipline of sport climbing, free climbing 2500 foot big walls in remote corners of the world, winning ice climbing competitions, and summiting the world’s tallest peaks in the Himalaya (including Mount Everest in 2012). She currently resides in Squaw Valley, California; where she trains for climbing and has fallen in love with skiing, her second passion.

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Jimmy Webb

Birthday: 11/07/1987
Hometown: Maryville, TN
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Carlo Traversi

Birthday: 06/05/1988
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
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Matty Hong

Birthday: 09/14/1991
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
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